FASHION/FITNESS: Ann Chery waist trainer

So this is my first blog post and as its not long since the new year, I thought, what better way for a first blog post than a fitness/fashion post. As everyone seems to be hitting the gym and working off the winter calories, I thought I would share my new found favourite fitness item.


I started the new year with quite a stroke of luck actually. I entered a twitter competition via the brands Waist Trainer UK and  Juice To U and as you can probably tell from reading this, I was the lucky winner.

I’ve had 2 previous waist trainers from different companies and this is by far the one I would reccomend. I was quite shocked when it came as to how amazing the quality is and it’s just a bonus that the colour is gorgeous and popping.


If you havent tried waist training before and are looking to shed a few pounds from the waist area, I would totally reccomend trying waist training. It is a fun way to help shed the pounds and if you excercise right and eat right whilst training your waist, it will work wonders for you.

The trick to waist training is to naturally decrease the size of the trainer to fit your waist. This Ann Chery trainer that I have recived features two rows of hooks. I have started on the first hook which is a perfect fit for me, however hopefully after so long of training my waist, I will be down to the first row of hooks. I wear my waist trainer for around 6 hours each day.


The previous waist trainers that I have had have been less expensive than this one, however I have noticed a huge difference in the quality so I would deffinetly reccomend spending a few extra pounds for greater quality.

You can purchase this waist trainer from Waist Trainer UK and many others are also featured on their webpage. You can access the waist trainer that I am wearing here and it is £49.95 at the minute on sale.

I will also be writing a post featuring my 3 day juicing detox from Juice To U once it has been delivered and once I have completed the detox.



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