BEAUTY: 5 favourite beauty buys of january

January is now over and I think its fair to say that it was a long month.. I’ve been such a makeup addict lately and haven’t been able to stop myself from spending. I thought I would share my five favourite beauty buys of January, as I found some amazing products throughout the month and hopefully February will be the same so I can feature them on another post.


  1. I’m starting off with this amazing mascara that I found. I’ve always used the Benefit Theyre Real mascara and it’s always been my favourite, however once I got my hands on this, i’ts changed my mind. I bought this from a local store Dollywood Boutique and I got in in an offer with another item which will be featured below. The make of this is Dreamweave and it’s the first time i’ve came across the brand and I love it. The mascara gives a silicone effect on the lashes and makes them even and gives gorgeous long lashes. You can find the mascara online here for £12.00.


2. This is the second product and it is my ultimate favourite at the minute. This is the other product that I got from Dollywood Boutique along with the mascara. Alike the mascara, this is also made by Dreamweave and is the popular Lip Voltage. I’ve been urging to get my hands on this for a while and now that I have finally got it, it’s my favourite lip gloss, I can’t go a day without wearing it. I’m one of those girls with really small lips, so getting lip fillers has been crossing my mind for a while. This lipgloss really does work and gives an amazing plumping effect which makes me question getting lip fillers or sticking with this lipgloss. I have been using it every day since I got it and I feel that it sticks to it’s word and has naturally plumped by lips. It is designed to increase the collagen in the lips and naturally plump them. It does sting the lips but it’s totally worth the pain. You can also get that here at £18.00.


3. This cute little glitter is something that I quickly picked up at a market stall last week. I’m a huge fan of glitter and love wearing it on my eyes for a night out and gold is always my “go to” colour for glitter. Believe it or not I bought this for £3.00. I’ve had glitters previously however I have payed £15.00 + for them and this little £3.00 glitter is just as good. As I bought it from a market stall, I cant do a direct link however the name of the brand is “Saffron”. They did also have other colours however gold is always my favourite.


4. Since my local town (Middlesbrough) has opened a MAC store, I havent been able to help myself. I’ve always had to travel to Newcastle to purchase MAC so having a local store now is perfect. I picked up this Mineralize Skinfinish bronzer last week for £24.00 and I love it. I’ve always used the Benefit Hoola bronzer, however I came across this when watching a makeup tutorial on youtube and decided to give it a go. I got this in the shade “Give Me Sun” and I love it. They also do a range of different shades if your shade isnt as dark as this or there is darker shades if you wanted to go darker. You can also get it online here.


5. And last but not least, my fifth favourite beauty buy for the month is this pallette. I kinda fell in love with it as soon as I opened it. I also came across this Morphe 35o Matte pallette when I was watching a youtube tutorial and just had to get my hands on it as soon as it came back in stock. I bought the matte pallette rather than the shimmer pallette as I love a matte look on the eye. I love the tones in this pallette with all the warm colours and theres some amazing eyeshadow looks that can be created using this. Once I’ve mastered the makeup a bit more I will feature some looks I’ve created using this. I bought my Morphe pallette from Beauty Bay but you can get it from Cult Beauty also for £23.50.

I hope you enjoyed my best beauty buys, If you have any beauty buys that you reccomend I would love some suggestions in the comments!



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